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The Mindanao Examiner offers advertorial publications – both in print and in our website which can be accessed on this URL: – and the newspaper circulate in Cotabato City, Davao City, Zamboanga Peninsula, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi.

Our weekly circulation varies from 10,000 to 30,000 copies. The Mindanao Examiner (journal type) is the only multi-lingual (English, Pilipino, and other dialects such as Visayan and Chavacano) newspaper and the fastest growing community newspaper in the southern Philippines. It carries in-depth reporting, straight news, and human interest and news features, among others.

We also have our own cable channel in Pagadian City. Mindanao Examiner Television is broadcast 24/7 on Channel 63 on Kismet Cable and Pagadian Cable Television in Zamboanga del Sur. The Mindanao Examiner Television Channel 63 targets viewers and audiences on both Kismet Cable and Pagadian City Cable Television which are currently subscribed by about 10,000 single-line and multi-line accounts. It caters to commercial, corporate, political and advocacy videos.

Our television channels offer a wide variety of in-house films and documentaries, news and commentaries, and talk shows, including musical and animation; commercial, corporate and political, and advocacy videos. Block time program is also being offered in all Mindanao Examiner Television.

The and its mirror site news portal of the Mindanao Examiner Newspaper and Television contains daily news, photos and features, including business news and commentaries; and our television talk shows (Mindanao Examiner Tele-Radyo) and in-house films and commercial, corporate and advocacy videos.

It has its own streaming television and broadcasts live talk shows daily before its airing on Mindanao Examiner Television channels in Zamboanga and Pagadian City. The website generates about 2 million hits a month and is popular among Philippine and Foreign governments because of its news-breaking and exclusive and in-depth contents. Local and foreign media also use its news contents. And so are Yahoo News and Google News, among other news aggregators.

Google and Yahoo and Microsoft Bing link our news contents in world-wide search engines. Almost 80% of our Internet traffic comes from links from those search engines. Many of our website readers are from the Philippines and the United States and followed by Norway, Saudi Arabia, China, Canada and Australia.

Our Newspaper Ad Rates: Full Page Black & White P15,000 per issue Full Page Color P30, 000 per issue (free 100 copies) One-Half Page Color P15,000 per issue Full Color Back Page P35,000 per issue (free 100 copies)

Special Monthly Newspaper Package: Front page, centerfold and back pages in full color; four weekly publications plus free 2,000 copies a week for only P200,000 a month. Extra copy is P 8.50 and with a minimum order of 1,000 copies. Freight not included.

Cable TV Ad Rates
Package 1: P5,000 / month
- 15 seconds static ad
- 10 spots a day

Package 2: P10,000 / month
- 15 seconds video ad
- 10 spots a day

Package 3: P5,000 a day
- 60 minutes (talk show or program, free one DVD copy)
- 2 spots

Package 4: P30,000 a month
- 1 hour every week, plays all weekdays 24/7 (talk show or program, free one DVD copy)

Tele-Radyo Rates
- P 1,500 (one week plugging of benefactor)
- P 5,000 (one month plugging of benefactor)
- P 20,000 (one month plugging of benefactor; plus 30 minutes interview every week or your own weekly 60 minutes tele-radyo show and aired daily. For those outside Zamboanga City, you may send your video materials to our studio.)

Media Services
Documentation: P25,000 / day, exclusive of transportation, food and hotel accommodation.
Television Commercial: P80,000
Photography: P25,000 / day, exclusive of transportation, food and hotel accommodation
Consultancy: P25,000 / month

Mindanao Examiner Productions:
Office: Unit 15, 3rd Floor, Fairland Building, Nunez Ext., Zamboanga City, Philippines
Phones: 062-9925480 / 0917-7103642


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