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The Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry mission in Zambia in Africa.

The Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry mission in Zambia in Africa.

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THE JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE International Ministry (JMCIM) has spread its wings in Africa – braving new lands under the scorching heat of the sun to bring the words of God to Zambians.

Prayer warrior, Brother Danny Cuarteros and his wife, Sister Jeany, led a weeklong mission in Zambia recently to bring the light of God to the path where other congregations failed to thread. Zambians welcomed the couple to their villages and one tribal chieftain even donated 10 hectares of land to JMCIM for its chapel and farm.

Cuarteros said the mission in Kabushi in Ndola, the third largest city in Zambia, was the brainchild of JMCIM Evangelist Pastor Wilde E. Almeda.

Among those who joined the JMCIM evangelism was Zambian Bishop Boyd Muchuma, who “vowed to give 50% for every blessing they will receive from the Lord Jesus, as their tithes and offerings to the mission to save souls for Christ.”

Cuarteros and his wife preached every day and night while in Zambia – prayers in the morning and healing services in the evening; and visited rural churches and taught evangelism to the women and youth and met with church leaders and pastors in Ndola.

“African bishops, pastors, and church Leaders called our beloved Pastor Wilde E. Almeda as a Man of Faith, Fasting, and a Man of God who has great passion for the salvation of the souls throughout the world,” Cuarteros said.

The couple also fed the villagers with “shima” or local porridge in Kabushi where they held a “victorious bible study at the Katuba Primary School participated by parents and teachers and their students.

“They listened to the Word of God and as a matter of fact, one influential chieftain of their tribe donated ten hectares of land after the bible study for our chapel and farm. And we visited the area and it is located right along the highway,”Cuarteros said, adding, they also distributed vegetable seeds to the locals to jumpstart the farming program.

“The farm produce will feed a multitude of people in Zambia, just like what Jesus Christ did when he fed about five thousand people from only five loaves of bread and two fish and satisfied them,” he said.

Cuarteros said the African mission was successful. “This is victory in Jesus name. Through the first and leading prayer of our beloved and honorable Prophet Evangelist Pastor Wilde E. Almeda and his beloved children we can conquer the whole world for Christ.

The couple has returned to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates where they had been welcomed by the JMCIM there for another mission. (Mindanao Examiner)

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