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Letters to the Editor: Unity Statement of OFWs in Hong Kong against the integration of P550 terminal fee to ticket cost 


Dear Editor,

WE, Filipino migrants in Hong Kong, strongly oppose and demand to stop the implementation of the integration of the P550 terminal fee payment to ticket cost for OFWs that will take effect on October 1, 2014. We further for the abolition of the useless Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC,

Republic Act 10022 also known as the Amended Migrant Workers Act of 2010 provides that OFWs are exempted from paying the terminal fee. Airport authorities and the government must recognize this right of migrant workers instead of subjecting us to more inconvenience and fees.

It is absurd for us to pay the terminal fee and then just have it refunded. It will only add more pressure and stress for OFWs and for sure, many will be unable to get the refund and thus the payment will only go again to the government’s coffers.

If the government wants to ease the difficulties of non-OFW passengers, it should not be at the cost of more the thousands of OFWs that leave the country everyday.

More importantly, this will make indispensible the OEC that OFW organizations around the world have been campaigning for abolition. The OEC should not be needed anymore just to prove that we are OFWs because our passport, contract and other documents we have are more than sufficient for this purpose..

We challenge DOLE Sec. Rosalinda Baldoz to make true her previous declaration that OEC will be scrapped. This new rule of integrating the P550 terminal fee to tickets does not point to such direction.

We are tired of being the milking cows of the government. In the face of the grave corruption in the country, we know that the money collected from us are actually not even going to efforts that will help our people but are only going to the pockets of greedy and corrupt politicians.

We say enough.

Scrap the Agreement to Integrate P550 terminal fee in air ticket!
Abolish the Overseas Employment Certificate!
No to Government Exactions!

Signed by:
1.    Abra Migrant Workers Welfare Association           
2.    Abra Tinguian Ilocano Society                   
3.    Agusan HK Society                       
4.    Annak ti Maeng Tubo                       
5.    Asian Pacific Mission for Migrants
6.    Association of  Concerned Filipinos               
7.    BAGGAK ti ATIS Cultural Group               
8.    Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – Hong Kong       
9.    Balili Allab Workers Organization               
10.    Balungao Overseass Workers Association           
11.    Bangar La Union- Maritess Nuval
12.    Bangued Hong Kong Organization               
13.    Bauco District Organization
14.    Bengued Federation                       
15.    Binalonan Migrant Workers Organization           
16.    Bucay Migrant Workers                       
17.    Bucloc Hong Kong Organization                   
18.    Consolidated Filipino Community Brigade
19.    Cordillera Alliance                        
20.    Cuyapo Association                       
21.    Delfin Albano Foreign Workers Association
22.    Divine Word Migrants Apostolate               
23.    FILGUYS Association                       
24.    Filipino  Migrants Workers Union- Bu13/City Hall Chapter
25.    Filipino Friends                           
26.    Filipino Image Society
27.    Filipino Migrant Association                   
28.    Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers Union            
29.    Filipino Migrant Workers Union – Admiralty Chapter
30.    Filipino Migrant Workers Union-  Chater Garden Chapter
31.    Filipino Migrant Workers Union – Chater Road Chapter   
32.    Filipino Migrant Workers Union
33.    Filipino Reflexologist
34.    Filipino Women Migrant Association               
35.    Friends of Bethune House                   
36.    Gabriela HK Bank
37.    Gabriela Hong Kong                       
38.    Gabriela Tsuen Wan
39.    Ganagan San Juan Association                                   
40.    Ifugao Association
41.    Ikmin Valley Organization Boliney                
42.    Isabela Federation                                    
43.    Janiuaynon Association                       
44.    Junior Association of Migrants                   
45.    Justice & Peace Net- Evangeliztion Family           
46.    Kalinga Apayao HK Workers Association                   
47.    Lagangilang Overseas Association               
48.    Licuan Baay Hong Kong Association               
49.    Ligalig Family                       
50.    Likha Cultural Group                       
51.    Mabama Organization Malibcong               
52.    Maeng Tribe of Abra Luba Hong Kong               
53.    Manabo Hong Kong Organization               
54.    Mega Ballroom Association                   
55.    Methodist Church Filipino Migrant (Fortress)           
56.    Methodist International Church- Filipino Christian Council   
57.    Migrante Hong Kong Bank                   
58.    Migrante Luzviminda                       
59.    Migrante Naguilian                       
60.    Migrante Shatin                           
61.    Migrants Association of San Isidro Abra               
62.    Mindanao Alliance                       
63.    Mindanao Federation                       
64.    Mission MOVERS                       
65.    Natividad OFW’s Hong Kong                     
66.    Occidental Mindoro HK Association               
67.    Organic Clan                            
68.    Otocan Migrant Workers Association                    
69.    Pangasinan Overseas for Welfare Empowerment and Rights   
70.    Philippine Independent Church
71.    Philippine Independent Church- Choir               
72.    Philippine International Dance Group
73.    Pinatud A Saleng ti Umili                   
74.    Promotion of Church People’s Response
75.    Radiant Organization of Amiable Drivers Hong Kong (ROAD-HK)
76.    Sadanga Migrant Association
77.    Saranay ti La Paz Overseas (SaLO)               
78.    Share HK                   
79.    Sta Maria DePila Migrants Association               
80.    The KISS
81.    The Royal International Migrants Association
82.    Tigil Na (Movement against Illegal Recruitment and Trafficking
83.    Timpuyog ti Tayum                       
84.    Tineg Overseas Workers Association               
85.    United Filipinos in Hong Kong                   
86.    United Pangasinan Hong Kong                   
87.    United Philippine Taekwondo Organization –Hong Kong               
88.    Ward Methodist Filipino Mission               
89.    WOPIC Antique       
90.    Lakbay Dangal
91.    League of Overseas Filipino Midwives

92.    Mr. Ramon Bultron
93.    Ms. Cynthia Tellez
94.    Ms. Edwina Antonio Calimutan
95.    Fr. Dwight Dela Torre, PIC

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