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November 23, 2015
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November 23, 2015
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10 Saudis fighting for Daesh captured in Iraq – Arab News

Ten Saudis fighting for the Daesh terrorist organization have been captured by the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraq during battle, an online newspaper reported on Sunday.
An adviser at the Iraqi President’s office was quoted as saying that the Kurdish government of Erbil might decide the fate of the Saudis. “They will either be tried there or sent to Baghdad.”
Thamer Al-Sabhan, the newly appointed Saudi ambassador to Iraq, said he had not yet received any information on the Saudis’ capture because “we are yet to start our work here.”
Meanwhile, the Peshmerga ministry had on Saturday announced that it had arrested three Daesh leaders — all Saudi nationals — in the northwest of Mosul.
Quoting a German news agency, the online newspaper said Daesh’s Saudi leaders were arrested in Hardan town of Sinjar, 120 km northwest of Mosul, while they were trying to sneak into Sinjar.(Arab News)


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