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THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT is set to start the construction of a sewerage treatment plant in Barangay Rio Hondo as part of the “Zamboanga City Roadmap to Recovery and Reconstruction (Z3R).”

Rodrigo Pagotaisidro, of the Housing and Land Management Division, said families – mostly victims of 2013 failed rebellion by the Moro National Liberation Front – staying at transitory sites in the area have started demolishing their temporary shelters.

He said Mayor Beng Climaco has ordered all government agencies concerned to work together and to clear the remaining 5 transitory sites in Masepla 2 and 3 in Mampang; Rio Hondo; Buggoc and Asinan in Kasanyangan of all illegal structures to allow government projects to start.

Beneficiaries of the permanent Z3R houses in Mariki were also told to demolish the extensions they built as these will be affected by the pipe laying project for the water and sewer systems.

Pagotaisidro and representatives from the City Social Welfare and Development Office, City Engineer’s Office, National Housing Authority, Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative and Zamboanga City Water District assisted in the relocation of over three dozen families to permanent shelters provided by the National Housing Authority.

The clearing of transitory sites and its eventual demolition were also taken up during the Local Inter-Agency Committee meeting recently. The sewerage treatment plant is a joint project of the Local Water Utilities Administration and Zamboanga City Water District under the Z3R and shall benefit the public. (Zamboanga Post)


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