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June 8, 2019
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June 8, 2019
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Cops told to work with media for public interest

POLICE FORCES in Western Visayas have recognized the role of media in the delivery of public service and the importance of fostering healthy relations with journalists or media workers.

Brigadier General John Bulalacao, the regional police commander, has told chiefs of police that keeping a good relationship with the media is one of the factors why he considers his career successful.

“Always do the right thing and let the people know that you are doing the right thing. Use the services of the media,” Bulalacao, who is set to retire this month, said, adding, to attain the support of the community, the police should collaborate effectively with the media.

The media, he said, have the “power to influence the public”, facilitate feedback-gathering, and lead the police to better public service. Bulalacao also noted that the police should understand situations and communicate effectively to deliver the right message to the media and the public.

“I saw the need for this seminar because I received feedback from media practitioners. They tell me that some of our chiefs of police in the region hesitate to be interviewed or answer questions from the media,” he said. Bulalacao said he expected all chiefs of police to communicate effectively with media workers and provide valuable information for public interest. (Gail Momblan)


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