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November 8, 2019
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November 8, 2019
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MAYOR BENG CLIMACO handed over a check as financial assistance to the family of murdered policeman Patrolman Pedro Umpad, who was shot while on duty in Zamboanga City.

Umpad’s family and relatives in Basilan’s Isabela City met with Climaco recently and thanked the mayor for her support.

Climaco expressed sympathies to the sister and other relatives of Umpad, who was killed while trying to run after a group of youngsters engaged in drag racing at Nuñez Extension before dawn of October 13.  She said the policeman “dedicated his life in response to the call for security of Zamboanga” and hailed Umpad’s ultimate sacrifice as gallant and heroic.

Mayor Beng Climaco with the family of slain ‘hero’ cop Patrolman Pedro Umpad accompanied by police officers headed by Major Elmer Solon, Umpad’s superior at the Zamboanga City Police Station 11. (Kathy Wee Sit)

Police said Umpad’s shooter, Madzlan Abdurajak Saruana, and his motorcycle driver, Alsid Jackaria Ismail were both arrested three days after Umpad was fatally shot.

Two .45-caliber pistols, including ammunition and a sachet of suspected crystal meth were seized by the police from the duo at the time of their arrest. The motorcycle used in the attack was also recovered by the police.

Saruana, a native of Tawi-Tawi province, admitted to the killing in retaliation for a traffic violation imposed by Umpad on him. Patrolman Adamer Pandangan, partner of the slain cop, positively identified the suspects.

They were also recognized from the CCTV footage and based on the citation ticket issued by Umpad to the duo.

Brig. Gen. Froilan Quidilla, the regional police commander, commended the Zamboanga City Police Office, particularly the Station 11 under Maj. Elmer Solon, for the capture of Umpad’s attackers. (Zamboanga Post)


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