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November 29, 2019
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Garbage trucks ready to roll

‘Barangay leaders, Netizens praise Climaco for the trucks’

BARANGAY OFFICIALS and Netizens have praised Mayor Beng Climaco for donating brand new Isuzu garbage trucks which are all part of the 96 units the local government purchased just recently.

Climaco initially turned over 20 trucks last week to Barangay Santa Maria, Labuan, Cawit, San Jose Gusu, Calarian, Canelar, Camino Nuevo, San Roque, Pasonanca, Maasin, Limpapa, Tetuan, Tugbungan, Putik, Pasobolong, Boalan, Guiwan, Vitali, Curuan and Zambowood.

She said the local government purchased 96 trucks to help augment or provide garbage trucks to the different barangays and enable officials to effectively maintain cleanliness in their respective areas.

Mayor Beng Climaco holds the trucks’ manufacturer authenticity documents. (Kathy Wee Sit)

Climaco also thanked the City Council members and all those who supported the purchase of the trucks.  Eight of these trucks will be for the use of the Office of the City Environment and Natural Resources which is in-charge of collecting garbage in the central business.

Not only barangay officials expressed their appreciation to Climaco’s efforts in providing garbage trucks, Netizens who follow her Facebook account were all praises for the mayor. “Thank you Mayor, good governance,” said Rey Masil.

Bolido Michael also thanked Climaco for the purchase of the trucks. “Bravo Mayor, thank you,” he wrote in his comment.

But for Edwin delos Reyes, he said residents should also do their share in keeping Zamboanga clean. “Thank you. Along with it, we need to strengthen our educational campaign on the 3Rs among our people.” “It isn’t enough that we provide them with trucks. Our people also need to their share of dumping their garbage properly. The local government cannot do it all alone. We have to rally behind our leaders in keeping our City clean and progressive,” he said.

For Gani Leaño, he said: “This is good news and I hope the local government will execute this properly. Back when I was in high school, we were urged to practice SWMP (solid waste management program) in school. But since we notice how the garbage collection is treated (mixing all three bins together), it discouraged us to keep segregating waste as time pass by and as well as preaching among fellow students how to do so.”

“I hope this time it will be implemented not only in the segregation process, but as well as the handling and eventually processing of waste. Let’s help each other because this is an impossible goal if we don’t help each other. Good luck Zamboanga,” Leaño said.

Ecological Solid Waste Management

And he Leaño was right because despite the efforts of the local government to strictly follow the Republic Act No. 9003 or Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, garbage collectors themselves – especially in Barangay Tetuan – destroy garbage bags to collect bottles and plastics and other things they can sell and virtually use up their time in this malpractice.

Under this Act, the solid waste shall be characterized for initial source reduction and recycling element of the local waste management plan. A separate container is required for each type of waste for on-site collection properly marked as “compostable”, “non-recyclable”, “recyclable” or “special waste.”

Waste segregation shall primarily be conducted at the source including household, commercial, industrial and agricultural sources. The local governments are also mandated to establish Materials Recovery Facility in each barangay or cluster of barangays designed to receive, sort, process and store compostable and recyclable materials efficiently.

The residual wastes shall then be transferred to a long-term storage or disposal facility or sanitary landfill. No open dumps nor any practice or disposal of solid waste that constitutes open dumps for solid waste shall be allowed. (Zamboanga Post)


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