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Jordanian man arrested in Zamboanga

ZAMBOANGA CITY – Immigration agents arrested a Jordanian national, Mahmoud Afif Abdeljalil, who has been a long-time resident of Zamboanga City for illegally staying in the southern port city, officials announced Thursday.

The 51-year old Abdeljalil was first arrested and deported in 2003 after authorities linked him to Al Qaeda’s Osama bin Laden. But Abdeljalil returned to Zamboanga in 2007 where he lived peacefully with his Filipino family until he was arrested again in July 4.

Immigration chief Jaime Morente said Abdeljalil had false documents under an assumed name. “We are going to deport him for being an illegal entrant as he has no record of arrival, after he was arrested and deported in 2003 for being an undesirable alien,” Morente said.

Abdeljalil was allegedly a close associate of Mohammed Khalifa, a Saudi businessman and Bin Laden’s brother-in-law, and involved in financing the Al Qaeda network through charity organizations. (Zamboanga Post)


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