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UN aid chief condemns civilian deaths in Syria – Al Jazeera
August 18, 2015
Sierra Leone records zero new Ebola infections – BBC News
August 18, 2015
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Sarah Hyland tumbles to start Teen Choice Awards – Fox News

IF the Teen Choice Awards didn’t have enough excitement, Sarah Hyland, star of ABC’s “Modern Family,” brought even more to the opening of the show.

She along with Skylar Austin, of “Pitch Perfect,” came out to present the first award of the night, and Hyland took a tumble when walking up to the stage.

As she started to walk up the steps to stage, Hyland went flying while blurting out, “Are you f–king kidding me?” She then covered her mouth quickly.

The camera cut away to Josh Hutcherson, who was hysterically laughing in the audience.

She tweeted about her little slip up: “You guys. I tripped. I tripped on camera. I tripped on stage in front of all you.  #mylife  #clumsyforlife”

But before the actress hit the stage she caught up with FOX411 on the carpet to talk about the power of young fans and what social media means to her.

“They have so much power,” she gushed. “Social media for me, I think it can be open outlets to bullying, to criticism, to judgmental people but I think the great thing about it and what kids should learn to use it is for spreading the word. To be able to share things you are passionate about, share things like pictures of things that you love, of foundations you care about. I think it’s a really great outlet for kids and I think the only thing that they need to do is find their inner voice and power through social media.”

The she actress admitted that she “goes back and forth” on her decision to be more distant from her phone.

“It’s starting to become a part of your hand and it’s awful!” (  )


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