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April 17, 2019
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April 19, 2019
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Troops capture Sayyaf fighter, recover cadaver in Sulu

SULU – Army soldiers hunting down Abu Sayyaf rebels have captured one gunman and recovered a cadaver of a militant on Wednesday in the southern Philippine province of Sulu, the military said.

The Western Mindanao Command said Aldie Wajid, a follower of rebel leader Hajan Sawadjaan, was seized by soldiers in Taung village. Wajid’s .45-caliber pistol and a loaded magazine were also recovered by soldiers.

It said Wajid was handed over to the police after an interrogation by soldiers.

Another group of army soldiers who recovered the cadaver buried the remains in Pangkayahan village.

There were no reports of fresh fighting in Sulu, but the military said troops continue their operations, searching for Abu Sayyaf rebels who are still holding several Filipino and foreign hostages in the province.

Abu Sayyaf leaders have pledged allegiance to ISIS and vowed to fight for a separate homeland in the restive South where security forces are also battling terrorism and communist insurgents.

Terror attacks over the past years had killed many civilians while communist rebels have doubled their assaults on military and police targets after accusing President Duterte of insincerity in peace talks. (The Zamboanga Post)


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