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January 6, 2019
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January 6, 2019
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Zambo mayor thanks legislators, constituents for support, bares projects

POPULAR MAYOR Beng Climaco has expressed her deep appreciation to the members of the City Council for their all-out support to many infrastructure projects and programs the local government implemented and launched for the benefit of the public and progress of Zamboanga City.

“Muchas gracias a todos legisladores por de ustedes suporta en mi administracion. Sin ti, estos proyectos no serian posibles,” the good mayor said. She also thanked the Zamboanguenos for their unwavering support and trust in her administration as she pledges more projects and pro-poor programs in the next three years. “Muchas gracias tambien con el todo quien ta continua suporta con migo, na de mi administracion y na tres años pa quita man junto-junto para de bien de todo, beneficio del pueblo, especialmente de los pobres,” Mayor Beng said.

For 2018, the Climaco administration has completed 186 infrastructure projects worth over P464 million. And these are the following: Six school buildings worth more than P78 million were turned over to various recipients – TLE Building to Zamboanga National High School West in Baliwasan; two 2-storey 8 classrooms buildings in Cabaluay National High School; two-storey 8 classrooms building for Tulungatung National High School; two-storey 8 classrooms building for Manicahan National High School and two-storey 6 classrooms building for Ramon Enriquez High School in Labuan.

These school projects were all completed from January to May. In Tugbungan, the local government also conducted repair and maintenance of the barangay flood control system by dredging the river to mitigate flooding during the rainy season. The project was worth nearly P10 million and completed in October. A road-widening project in Mercedes was completed in the same month at it cost the tax payers some almost P10 million. Various projects worth over P18 million were similarly implemented in Mercedes, Pasonanca and San Roque.

In March, the local government constructed the track and field oval at Mercedes Central School in support to the local sports development and program; and rehabilitated and improved the office of the Boy Scout of the Philippines Zamboanga Council, and constructed roasting facilities at the San Roque slaughter house to ensure the sanitation and cleanliness of animals before they would be sold to the public.

There are also 116 ongoing projects worth nearly P651 million and over a dozen of these are climate-change resilient school buildings and the following are the three-storey building at Tugbungan Elementary School; three-storey 15 classrooms building at the Don Gregorio Evangelista Memorial School in Santa Catalina; two-storey 6 classrooms building at Landang Gua Elementary School; two-storey 6 classrooms building at San Roque’s Salum Elementary School; two-storey 6 classrooms building at Limaong National High School, two-storey 8 classrooms building at Mercedes, including the construction of materials science facility at Western Mindanao State University.

And three-storey 12 classrooms building for Mangusu Integrated School; three-storey 15 classrooms building at Talisayan Elementary School; two-storey 8 classroom at Boalan Elementary School; two-storey building for Southcom National High School; two-storey 8 classrooms building for Abdullah Nuno Memorial High School in Taluksangay; four-storey 20 classrooms building at Zamboanga City High School Main Campus in Tetuan; three storey-15 classrooms building at Zamboanga Central School at Zone 1; and three-storey 15 classrooms building for Talisayan Elementary School. These were just a few of Mayor Beng’s top priority projects as part of her S.H.E. (Security, Health and Education) program.

“Este el cuantos del de atun proyectos y ta pide yo gracias con el de atun maga consejales por la suporta para bien del maga bata, y tambien este fondo estaba na maga impuesto poreso necesita el buen para na todo. Mucho pa proyectos y seis años mas, por el amor de Dios, podemos trabajar para na ciudad de Zamboanga,” Mayor Beng said.

She said construction projects worth over P38 million in parks, gardens and open spaces are also going on and these are the rehabilitation and improvement of the City Tourism Building at Zone 4; the rehabilitation of 2 buildings public rest rooms at Paseo del Mar; the construction of covered sheds in downtown area and site development at the City Hall. And P22 million worth of infrastructure projects are also ongoing at the central market in downtown area and Santa Cruz market. And these included construction, rehabilitation and improvement of the buildings and other structures at the two sites.

The Climaco administration’s other ongoing projects also include multi-purpose building and covered courts and these are all designed to cater to huge crowds or groups, especially during public gatherings and assemblies and similar activities. Among them are the construction of a multi-purpose building in Mampang, covered court shed and the construction of an open stage complete with bleachers, and improvement of the track and field oval at Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School.

And those projects are worth P27 million. And the local government has another P12 million project for the construction of green houses at the Culianan plant nursery and the construction of a bridge in Lamisahan. Some P240 million worth of road projects – construction, rehabilitation, improvement, asphalt overlay – are also ongoing and these are in the following: Tugbungan Main Road, Tetuan-Kasanyangan Road, Falcatan-Atilano Junction (Rehabilitation), Tetuan Main Road (Concreting), Estrada and Candido streets; Old Sampaguita Road at Guiwan, Santa Catalina-Kasanyangan Road. And Gov. Ramos Avenue in Santa Maria (Fairview-Galvez Junction rehabilitation), Gov. Camins-Gov. Ramos (Concreting), Camino Nuevo, Santa Catalina, Santa Maria and Central Business District covering Zones 2, 3 and 4 for asphalt overlay. (BCPR)


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